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tsukimeyorokuro asked
Oh oh dear kagamama I was wondering if Casenpai or anyone will stream the Magical Mirai 2014 concert like the last year? I see it's almost the same as last year but I really would like to see it, were I live is really difficult to buy the CD


AH WHOA sorry this is late!! But yeah unfortunately we are out of luck when it comes to a stream of the full length concerts. Those are only being recorded by Sony and won’t be available on the internet until someone illegally rips it off the DVD/Blu-Ray or the Sony stream thats only available for Japanese PS4 Playstation Plus owners…

Until someone does that we can view the short version of the concert that was streamed on Japanese television, which is on sites like nyaa.se for torrent! 

I really wish it was an option to pay to see it online like before. I’d much rather pay for a virtual ticket (or 4) and timeshifts on niconico like I have in the past than sit around waiting for someone to rip it, yknow? (And of course I’ll buy the Blu-Ray, but that’s so long a wait…!)

What Kagamama said, basically. We both had no way to record it at all despite us both having premium NND accounts, and neither of us have a PS4. This completely destroys us, believe me…