Hi, my name is Cas, no relation to anyone in Supernatural. I like Vocaloid stuff, especially Kagamine Len. Oh, and Rin too. Please don't squish me with the road roller.

You will mostly find the following here, in no particular order:

  • Vocaloid pictures, posts, links, etc.
  • Fanfiction
  • Random non-Vocaloid reblogs that I find interesting
  • Some mild roleplaying/in-character stuff
  • Fansquees, ALL CAPS SCREAMING, and random babbling

Please note that I might sometimes post stuff that may be NSFW. I'll try and tag appropriately.

My main blog is The Sleepy Rabite, go there if you want all my non-Vocaloid stuff!

My Youtube and Google+ profile can be found here!

Credit for the pic above goes to 只野まぐ/Pixiv ID 969880.

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